Engaging a bi-ocular process and brain plasticity to facilitate the restoration of stereopsis

Can you imagine not being able to play ball games or being unable to read the expression on your loved ones face? 

This is the fate of between 3 - 5% of the population who develop Amblyopia (lazy eye) as a child. 

While many children are treated with conventional patching methods, approximately 60% do not respond to this treatment and carry Amblyopia into adult life.

Amblyoptica (Holding) Pty Ltd is an Australian company working in conjunction with Outerspace Design Group to develop a completely new medical device to treat Amblyopia in children and adults. 

We use the ‘good’ eye and the brain to teach the amblyopic eye how to see. The company has also filed a PCT application to protect the intellectual property. 

Our view is, with the right treatment and thanks to new understanding of brain plasticity, amblyopes of any age can be treated successfully.  

About Our Product

Dr. Christopher Bunker

Prof. Edwin Howell

Dr. Stuart Hazell

Dr. Stuart Hazell, PhD MASM GAICD, has more than 35 years’ experience in life science and biotechnology. 

He has experience in both consulting and senior management roles. 

 Dr Hazell has provided consulting services to a range of organisations in Australia and overseas including Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Pfizer Animal Health, Brandon Capital and Accuri Inc (USA). 

Dr. Christopher Bunker MSc PhD, spent many years teaching science internationally. 

He completed a research masters and PhD in physics. He has consulted to science equipment suppliers, universities, mining companies and the CSIRO, where he was a named inventor on several current patents.

Dr Bunker has suffered from Amblyopia and his experiments on his own condition lead to the creation of Amblyoptica.

Prof. Edwin Howell, OD, FCOVD-I, is an optometrist in private practice in Heathmont, Victoria, Australia. 

He is an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales School of Optometry. 

 In 2011 Dr Howell was awarded the A.M. Skeffington Award from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development for outstanding contributions to the optometric literature in the areas of behavioural vision care and vision therapy.

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